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Our Story

While we think it’s a story best told over a nice glass of rosé, we are SO excited to share with you all the details behind the making of Dawn & Rae Boutique (formerly known as Endless Knot Boutique).

Dawn & Rae Boutique was founded in April 2016 by Holly Dawn Johnston, an Atlanta-native and graduate of the University of Alabama’s College of Arts & Sciences with a degree in Fashion Retail – Roll tide! Holly is a natural born fashionista & has worked in the fashion industry since she was old enough to have a job! After working at numerous national clothing stores, she discovered a need that was not being met – there were not many boutiques that were reasonably priced, provided quality-clothing & that served as a one-stop-shop for women. Best described as a quarter-life crisis by some of her friends & family, she quit her full-time job & started the boutique. Today, she grinds daily to ensure her boutique meets those needs & provides women with an opportunity to channel their inner fashionista. 

 After a successful two years in business, Holly recognized that as powerful & badass of a #girlboss she was, she needed additional help in order to really take the boutique to the next level. Thus, she brought on her mother (Cindy Dawn Johnston) & younger sister (Cortney Rae Johnston) to help run the show – perhaps another life crisis?! A family girl at heart, Holly wanted the boutique name to be meaningful, so she combined our middle names & Dawn & Rae Boutique was born!

The purpose of Dawn & Rae Boutique is to inspire, support & empower ALL women - especially our customers. Each day we aim to:

  • Inspire others to follow their dreams & step out of their comfort zone
  • Empower others by sharing what we have learned along our entrepreneur journey in order to encourage others to reach their dreams
  • Support each other by providing words of encouragement & also in business endeavors (fun fact: our shipping & packaging supplies are bought from other small business shops - not from other countries or huge corporate chains!)

Perhaps our favorite part of the boutique is the fact that it represents more than just clothing. Our founder’s nephew Braylon was born with Schizencephaly, a rare brain disorder. One of our goals is to raise awareness about the disease, so our brand color purple was chosen since it’s the awareness color of the condition. If you’re interested in learning more about the disease, you can do so here, but we also encourage you to keep an eye on our social media channels, as we often do shopping fundraisers throughout the year for Schizencephaly awareness.

To see what cute new clothing we have in store, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. To be the first to know of new arrivals restocks & to receive special discounts, join our VIP Group on Facebook – (PS: we highly recommend this). This group is more than just us trying to sell you product - we also use this platform to learn more about each of you & to get your input & insight into what you would like to see more of at Dawn & Rae! If you are in the boutique business yourself, please join our Wholesale Group! We use this page to post items available for others to buy at no minimum & to also connect with other entrepreneurs so that we can share ideas, successes & challenges.

For additional questions or comments, feel free to email Holly ( or Cortney ( To stay connected with us & for more insight into our crazy – but fun – lives, follow us on Instagram - @holly_dawn89 & @cortneyjohnston8.

Thank you all SO much for your support of our business! We are so very grateful for our loyal & supportive customers & invite you to become part of our Dawn & Rae family!


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